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Strategic Planning Consultants
for the
Executive Suite Industry

Garner & Associates began in 1973 as a general consulting firm, and expanded to include the executive suite industry in 1993, and incorporated as Garner & Associates, Inc. in 1999. 

The president is a former suite owner and management consultant, with team members that provide a diversity of technical, managerial and productivity skills in telecommunications, networks (LAN/WAN), web development and internet services, as well as business planning, product development, space planning, training and consulting services for executive suite owners and operators.

Pat Garner, Lead Consultant

Pat Garner is the Lead Consultant, holds an AAS in IT Networks, BAS in IT from SPSU, and a MS in IT from KSU. Her background as an industry insider coupled with her understanding of technology requirements makes her an invaluable resource for those entering the industry or wanting to up their game competitively.

Through strategic alliances, G & A provides an essential range of services, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market analysis
  • Business and marketing plan development
  • Technical assistance for start ups, relocations, and expansions
  • Staff development & training
  • Administrative Reviews
  • Policies and procedure development
  • Internet, LAN and Telecommunication Services
  • Office Business Center Planning and Design
  • Space Efficiency and Economic Analyses
  • Web Development
  • Procurement and Acquisition Services
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Access to Capital Investments & Strategies
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    The New Trends in Work Environments

    Are you prepared to "capitalize" on the new trend for the "virtual assistant"? Are you confident of securing "virtual office" revenue? Are you making the essential and profitable shift to higher end services in your space? Is your technology supporting your needs? Do you need training, but can't afford to shift away from your resources long enough to acquire it? Are you targeting your future markets now? Do you have a strategic plan to incorporate new technology? Will you continue to be successful in attracting new business?

    These are some of the many questions that must be asked, if we are to continue to assure ourselves of profitability in the 21st Century!  We are in the midst of an unprecedented paradigm shift in business philosophy and a near revolution in technological advancement. 

    Preparing for this future requires an investment, not only in training and education, but  in commitment to technology and information.  This essential step to continued productivity and profits has heightened emphasis as the trends continue to move further and further away from our traditional core service revenue.  We must embrace such new and dynamic products as web page design, database creation and management, internet access, intranets, VPN's, call center services, virtual assistants, etc. and in so doing we will learn that the opportunities for profitability in these enhanced services and features exceed far beyond those of yesterday's business revenues.

    For example, without the proper ratios of rentable space, your investment can be at risk. G&A working with their affiliates, helps develop not only the planning and design for your center, but can introduce you to new concepts to help bring your center the differentiation to help it succeed in a competitive environment.

    Without the right design, you may not succeed in attracting suitable users and tenants.

    Does your social media accurately reflect your environment and service venues?

    Tough questions need to be asked, and we're here to help you answer those questions and address many of the challenging issues confronting the executive suite owner today.

    As the industry continues to adapt and change to different business models, it is wise to consult with those who are experienced in various aspects, such as shared spaces, co-working spaces, etc.

    Garner & Associates, Inc. provides the indepth industry experience essential to successfully implementing profitable strategies, technologies and products for your centers financial future today and to help you ensure that the return on your technology investment is the right one.


    As an experienced executive suite owner and management consultant, Pat Garner not only shares the advancement of the industry vision in supporting the entrepreneur, the teams, and the professionals, but is committed to its success. Whether you are seeking fresh insights, new acquisitions, or a business appraisal, Garner & Associates, Inc. has the experience and qualifications to provide you with real world answers and results.

    Helping transform your future today.

    Supply and Demand

    In today's market place, if you are a co-working space or an executive suite owner looking to retire, or perhaps wanting to expand and looking for investors, or perhaps looking to venture into this exciting industry, then you have come to the right place. At Garner & Associates we specialize in every aspect of the Executive Suite, Coworking, and Shared Space genre, including bringing together buyers and sellers, investors and providers. If this is an opportunity you wish to explore, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 404-314-0829 for a no obligation, personal and confidential interview. 

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